HyperImage 3: Virtual Research Environment

All development efforts are focused on HyperImage 3, which is available as a public beta. HyperImage 3 is backwards compatible with the previous HyperImage 2 system.

HyperImage 3 supports current web technologies like HTML5 and Javascript and brings support for mobile devices. Progressively replacing the old Java-based solution will enable the HyperImage platform to be completely web-based.

HyperImage 3 features a live preview of the Reader publication of your project. This way you can view what your project will look like in the Reader while still working on it in the Editor, try out different themes and make changes to your data if necessary. Changes in the Editor will immediately be visible in the preview window (WYSIWYG). This eliminates the need to constantly export your project. If you are satisfied with the result of your work you can then export your project for the HyperImage Reader and publish it as usual.

The creation and re-import of Light Tables is also possible directly from the live preview and carry over to the Editor. You do not need to ex- and re-import light tables anymore.

Other planned features include:

  • Editor and Reader functionality will be combined, allowing projects to be edited and presented using just the one application.
  • The lighttable editor will be integrated into the main GUI.
  • The network of associations between all elements of a project can be displayed on a scrollable canvas.
  • Projects will be exported into a standardised XML format for archiving or processing by other applications.
  • A plugin architecture will provide access to functionality and data supplied by external systems.

The HyperImage 3 Research Environment consists of the following main components:

  • HyperImage Server (Java WebService)
  • HyperImage Editor (v3.0: Java Webstart, v3.1: HTML5 & JavaScript)
  • HyperImage Publication PreViewer (HTML5 & JavaScript)
  • HyperImage Reader Publication Export (HTML5 & JavaScript)
  • HyperImage Reader (HTML5/JavaScript)
  • HyperImage System Administration (HTML5 & JavaScript)

Details can be found in our roadmap.