HyperImage 2 Virtual Research Environment

Note: HyperImage 2 has entered its Sunset Period and is no longer being maintained. All development efforts are focussed on bringing you HyperImage 3.

HyperImage 2 consists of the

  • HyperImage Authoring System (GlassFish Application Server/WSDL) with the HyperImage Editor frontend (Java WebStart)
  • and the HyperImage Reader (Flash). A web-based (non-Flash, see HyperImage 3) Reader is currently available as a beta version.

HyperImage projects are edited using the HyperImage Editor, which connects to the HyperImage Server. All data related to the project is accessible via the HI Server, thus supporting a collaborative workflow. A project can be exported into an XML format that can be viewed using the HyperImage Reader, which comes in both an offline and an online version. The current version of the HyperImage Reader unfortunately requires further processing of the exported project via the PostPeTALGenerator. This workflow/dependency will be eliminated by HyperImage 3 at the latest.

Further technical information are available via our Dev Centre.


This project would not have been possible without the use of the following external libraries:

  • aspectjrt.jar
  • jai_codec.jar
  • jai_core.jar
  • lucene-core-2.4.0.jar
  • postgresql-8.3-604.jdbc4.jar
  • swing-layout-1.0.3.jar

More details regarding the respective licensing can be found by following the links to the various project Web sites.

The HyperImage developers choose to fly with the PostgreSQL DBMS and the GlassFish Application Server.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the developers who contributed to the development of these libraries and software components.