HI 2 Manual: Text Editor

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The text editor is used to write project texts that usually contain annotations regarding the current project.

The Text Editor Window

Opening the Text Editor

In order to create and edit a project text you first have to open a Group Browser. To open a Group Browser you can use the menu bar at the top of the screen and select “Tools” > “New Group Browser” or use the keyboard shortcut Ersatzbild für Command1 CTRL+1. Click the gear icon below the “content” area and select “New” > “New Project Text” from the context menu or right click the mouse inside the area “content” and select “New” > “New Project Text”. The text editor will open in a new window. To edit an existing project text find the text you want to edit in the Group Browser. Open the Text Editor by double-clicking (left mouse button) on the desired project text.

Select Language

Here you can select the metadata language in which you want to enter the title and contents of your project text. Please refer to section “Project Languages” in chapter 2 for more information on how to import languages to the language selection.

Set Title

Use this field for setting a title for your text.


You can use this filed to write texts of any length. You can use between the styles “regular”, “bold”, “italic”, “underline” or “text as link” but you may not combine these options. Please note that there is only one font available.

Mark a Text as a Hyperlink

(Delete) Link Button and Link Field

To link from a text to other elements please proceed as described in section “Mark Text as Hyperlink” in chapter 3.

Undo Changes

Undo Changes ButtonWith this function you can reset your entries to the last saved state. Please note that this action cannot be undone.


Save Changes

Save Changes ButtonIf you want to exit the Text Editor window in which you have made changes without saving, you will automatically be prompted if you want to save these changes. You can do this yourself as well, just click on the “Save” icon under the “Project Title” field.